Express Dermaplaning 

Great for those on the go!  This procedure is great to exfoliate dry, dull skin and remove those baby vellus hairs.  Leaves your skin looking smooth, clear and glowing! 
Double cleanse, dermaplaning, specially selected serums, moisturizer and sunscreen according to your skin type.
Dermaplaning Facial 
If you’re in the mood for some pampering while giving your skin an amazing glow, this one is for you! Not only will this facial leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy, it will be custom made for your skin’s particular needs.  Double cleanse, dermaplaning, either hydrating mask or enzyme mask (depending on your skin), shoulder and neck massage, high frequency, specially selected serums for you, moisturizers and sunscreen. 

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles just under the skin and does not require anesthesia, resulting in only minor discomfort, not pain. In general, you may notice results within a few days but the full effect takes up to 10 days to show and will last approximately 3-4 months before a repeat treatment is recommended. The reason you need to repeat treatment is that muscle action eventually returns and the wrinkles begin to reappear. As you continue with treatments you will likely notice that the return of wrinkles or lines becomes less severe over time since you are virtually training your muscles to relax.

Are There Do's & Dont's?

The whole process is incredibly quick and requires almost no down time for recovery. You will be able to return to your normal activities the same day but avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours. Do not massage the treated areas as we do not want to alter the placement. There may be minor pain or swelling at the injection site and on rare occasions, you may develop a headache which should resolve quickly. It is best to avoid alcohol starting a few days before the procedure as well as stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications before treatment to reduce bruising.

Is BOTOX Right for me?

Because only you know what look is right look for you, it’s important to discuss treatment and expectations with Judy.   During the consultation/evaluation, she will determine if BOTOX is right for you, plus how much product is appropriate to achieve the level of correction that you desire.

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