Botox/Dysport/Jeuveau Aftercare Instructions


  • Avoid massaging/applying pressure in any of the treated areas.
  • Avoid extreme cold/heat for the next 48 hours.  No cryotherapy or hot tubs/saunas.
  • Avoid wearing a constricting hat for 24 hours if your forehead was treated.
  • Wait at least 7-10 days before other skincare treatments such as facials.
  • Avoid high cardio exercise today to decrease bruising.
  • 3-14 days for full results depending on the area injected.  Be patient please!
  • Your red “mosquito bite” bumps will resolve within the hour.
  • Bruising can happen at any of the injection sites.
  • Tenderness may occur at injection sites from the use of needles.
  • Normal to have some skin/muscle movement return 2-3 months after injections.
  • Neurotoxins usually last 3-4 months for most.  There are many variables that can change that timing.  Number of units injected, metabolism, age, lifestyle, medications taken, etc.
  • For bruising, you can take arnica, bromelain, or eat fresh pineapple.  Avoid blood thinners.  Makeup, coverup or tattoo coverup work great to cover bruising!
  • Bruising will fade according to your body.  We all clear bruising at different rates.  I can’t give you a specific time for your bruise to go away.


  • Text/call for any questions, problems, concerns.  719-331-9483.  Business hours please.
  • Touch ups are very common.  Just give us a text and we’ll set a 15 minute appointment. Touch-up appointments are two weeks post injection.
  • Please self- schedule your next appointment at least 4 weeks out from when you would like your appointment if you want to be able to choose the time/date that works for you.
  • I do keep a wait list but cannot guarantee I can get you in to receive your treatment so please schedule in advance!

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